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10:30 - Session 1A
New Installation Case Studies
Moderator: Stanislav Lovecky, Czech Republic

10:30 - Session 1B
Trenchless Rehabilitation
Moderator: Ian Vickridge, UK

1A-1   Microtunnelling in Tehran Metropolis
            Keivan Pakiman - Kayson Inc, Iran

1A-2   Microtunnelling in India
            Paul Nicholas - AECOM India

1A-3   Drainage with military precision
            Benny Melse and John Milligan -
            Vermeer EMEA, USA

1A-4   Educational experiences with trenchless
            Juan Carlos Gutierrez-
            Empresas Publicas de Medellin, Colombia

1B-1   The steel pipe corrosion in drinking water
            distribution systems and its rehabilitation
            Valentin ChukhinAlexey Andrianov and
            Vladimir Orlov - 
Moscow State University, Russia

1B-2   Strength testing of deteriorated metal
            culverts with spray-on cementitious liners
            David Becerril Garcia and Ian D. Moore -
            Queen’s University, Canada

1B-3   Pipe grouting longevity effectiveness evaluation
            James W. Shelton - Arcadis, USA

11:45 - Morning Coffee Break in Exhibition Hall

12:30 - Session 2A
Tunnelling, Microtunnelling, and Pipe Jacking
Moderator: Gerda Hald, Denmark

12:30 - Session 2B
Environmental Considerations
Moderator: Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam, USA

2A-1   Tunnelling for the gas pipeline industry
            Yu Teng Fong - Thiess Pty Ltd, Australia

2A-2   Special applications fields of microtunnelling
            Andreas Ulkan - Herrenknecht AG, Germany

2A-3   Jacking of centrifugal cast, Glassfibre
            Reinforced Plastic GRP pipes in construction
            and renovation of pipelines
            Robert Walczak - Amiantit, Poland

2A-4   DySC – technology. Mineral rehabilitation
            Pedro Hernández - MC Bauchemie,




2B-1   Is Pipe lining sustainable enough?
            Peter Hjortdal & Lisbet Davidsen -
            Aarhus Water Ltd, Denmark

2B-2   Mitigating the climate change in exercising
            sustainable project management in
            engineering: case studies of No-Dig and
            excavation from Scandinavia
            Linne Marie Lauesen - Vand & Affald, Denmark

2B-3   Evaluation of the Carbon Footprint of an
            Innovative Sewer Rehabilitation Method
            John Matthews - Battelle
            Ariamalar Selvakumar - US Environmental
            Protection Agency, USA
Samuel  Ariaratnam - Arizona State
            University, USA

2B-4   Neodren & Neodren Plus: Sustainable and
            integrated solutions for seawater collection
            Jose Maria Rodrigues Brasas and Josep
            Domenec Pinto Bascompte
            Catalana de Perforacions, Spain

14:00 - Lunch and Exhibition Visit

15:15 - Session 3
Horizontal Directional Drilling Application
Moderator: Jeff Pace, Australia

15:15 - Session 3B
Retrospective Analysis
Moderator: John Hemphill, USA

3A-1   Cost and schedule predictability performance
            for large rig HDD installations
            Maureen Cassin, David Grau & Samuel
Arizona St University, USA

3A-2   Different possibilities of HDD rock drilling:
            A comparison of these trenchless
            technologies for pipe laying
            Dr Hans-Joachim Bayer - GSTT, Germany

3A-3   Longitudinal and circumferential pipe stress
            in HDD
            Brent Goerz and Justin Taylor - CCI Inc
            and Michael Martens - TCPL, Canada


3B-1   Experience of Pol-Aqua in microtunnelling
            projects using Hobas CC-GRP pipes in Poland
            Andrzej Kuliczkowski and Kamil Mogielski -
            Kielce University, Piotr Szporek, Pol-Aqua SA
            Jacek Lesiecki and Piotr Szporek -
            Hobas System, Poland

3B-2   Lessons learned in trenchless sewer renovation
            and replacement in India and the growing
            initiative towards sustainable asset management
            Dec Downey - Trenchless Opportunities, UK,  
            Ayanangshu Dey - AND Engineers & Associates,
            Raman Kumar and Deepika - Aecom, India

3B-3   How can the ISTT branches help improve the
            No-Dig market in member countries?
            Hans Tøttrup - Per Aarsleff, Denmark

16:45 - Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing

18:00 - Exhibition Close





09:30 - Session 4A
Numerical Studies of Trenchless Technology
Moderator: Yasin Torun, Turkey

09:30 - Session 4B
Assessment of Pipelines
Moderator: Enrico Boi, Italy

4A-1   Analytical study on soil behavior and its
            countermeasures using a pipe jacking method
            in deep strata
            Hideki Shimada, Takashi Sasaoka, Shuichi
            Fujita, Sugeng Wahyudi, Akihiro Hamanaka,
            Kikuo Matsui
- Kyushu University, Japan.
            Takashi Senda - Japan Microtunnelling
            Dai Watanabe - Fuso Technology Co Ltd, Japan

4A-2   Jacking force estimating and site measured data
            analyzing of 3D curved long distance and large
            diameter pipe jacking
            Chen Xiaoxiang, Li Guangfu, Zhao Jinfei,  
            Zhang Peiyong and Zhang  Lichao

Fujian Electric Power Survey & Design Institute,

4A-3   On the vibration induced by shield tunneling
            through gravel formations
            Chen Pao-Ling and Shou, Keh-Jian -
            National Chung-Hsing Univ, Taiwan

4B-1   BEM and WIP technology for condition
            assessment of pipelines and other
            engineering assets
            Martin Roubal - Rock Solid Group, Australia

4B-2   VESISAMA: The Finnish solution for total
            pipeline rehabilitation in a larger area
            Jari Kaukonen - WSP, Finland

4B-3   Measured I&I reductions using various
            trenchless technologies
            James W. Shelton and John Paul Travis -
            Arcadis, USA

4B-4   InfinitPipe®: A revolutionary onsite
            manufactured pipe
            Mo Ehsani - PipeMedic LLC, USA


11:00 - Morning Coffee Break in Exhibition Hall

11:45 - Session 5A
Innovations in New Pipeline Installations
Moderator: Sergio Palazzo, Brazil

11:45 - Session 5B
Moderator: David Grau, USA

5A-1   Trenchless installation and replacement of
             property connections
             Bjorn Freimuth - Tracto Technik, Germany

5A-2   Pipe thruster: Different applications for the
            installation of pipelines
            Diana Rennkamp and Michael Lubberger -
            Herrenknecht, Germany

5A-3   New pipe-jacking method in connecting new
            pipeline to the existing underground structure
            Fumihiko Matsumoto, Tomo Morita, Eiji 
Alpha Civil Engineering
            Hideki Shimada, Takashi Sasaoka and
            Kikuo Matsui - Kyushu University, Japan

5A-4   The 3M pipe rehabilitation system for potable
Paul Woolvine - 3M Spain

5B-1   Neodren: Sustainable and integrated solutions
            for seawater collection
            Domenec Pinto Catalana de Perforacions
            SA, España

5B-2   The detection, identification and locating out of
             underground utilities services in urban
             Alberto Sastre Diaz - Radiopoint
             Systems, España

5B-3   Ice Pigging: A No-Dig technique for cleaning
            pressurised pipes
            Matthew Stephenson - Aqualogy, Spain

5B-4   A Spanish first, Rehabilitation of a drinking
            water pipeline with flexible relining technology

  Ivan Zubiaga - Raedlinger Primus Line Inc, USA
Jorge Lamazares
- Sinzatec, España

13:15 - Lunch and Exhibition Visit

14:30 - Session 6A
Rehabilitation using CIPP
Moderator: Dr. Dec Downey, UK

14:30 - Session 6B
Trenchless Technology Innovations
Moderator: Borje Persson, Spain

6A-1   Non-styrene options for Cured in Place Pipe
            Bill Moore - AOC, USA

6A-2   Quantification on the elimination of infiltration
            from pre-and post-Rehabilitation
            Chuck Hansen - Electro Scan, Inc, USA

6A-3   An emergency large diameter CIPP repair
            Joe Barsoom - Stantec, USA
Swirvine Nyierenda - Aurora Water
            Erika Vega-Bazan - Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA

6A-4   New design of liners in gravity flow pipes:
            French recommendations 3R-2014
            Jean-Michel Bergue and
            Jean-Marie Joussin - FSTT,
            Dominique Ordiz - CSTB and
            Olivier Thépot - Eau de Paris, France

6B-1   New LOC90 Ultrapipe® glass fabrics for
            hybrid liners
            Kees den Besten -
            Owens Corning, The Netherlands

6B-2   Advanced geopolymer pipe and structure
            lining systems
            Joseph Royer and John Hepfinger -
            Milliken Infrastructure Systems, LLC. USA

6B-3   Innovative uses of CC-GRP Products considering
            application - Flame retardant requirements
            Krzysztof Bortel and Ewa Kicko-Walczak -
            Grażyna Rymarz, Inst for Eng Polymer materials
            and Cezary Madryas - Wroclaw Univ
            Lech Skomorowski, Robert Strużyński -
            Hobas System, Poland

6B-4   Trenchless Pipeline Removal (TPR)
            Alfredo Frassinelli and Benedetta Furlani -
            Enereco, Italy

16:30 - Afternoon Coffee Break in Exhibition Hall

18:00 - Exhibition Close

20:00 - Gala Dinner
Círculo de Bellas Artes
Alcala 42, 28014 Madrid





09:30 - Session 7A
Trenchless en España (Spanish language)
Moderator: Angel Ortega, Spain

09:30 - Session 7B
Trenchless en España (Spanish language)
Moderator: Jaime Sanmartín, Spain

7A-1     Fracking: Los riesgos del fracking son los
              mismos que puede tener cualquier actividad
              Ángel CámaraCOIMCE, Spain

7A-2     Emisarios submarinos mediante la técnica de
              hinca de tubo
              Marc MartíEUROHINCA, Spain

7A-3     Técnología SIN Zanja, eje estratégico para la
              renovación de redes de abastecimiento y
              Félix Mendaza - AQUALOGY, Spain

7A-4     El reto de conseguir Ciudades Inteligentes ¿Por
              dónde empezar?                
              Inés Leal - COAM, Spain

 7B-1   Renovación de sistemas de presión en redes
             de pequeño diámetro
             Juan Carlos González -
             GREEN PLUMBER, Spain

7B-2    Redes inalámbricas de sensores. Herramienta
             eficaz en el campo de las Smart Cities
             Inmaculada Sánchez Ramos - Presidenta de
             la Comisión de Sociedad de la Información de
             la Federación de Municipios de Madrid Spain

7B-3    Fluidos de Perforación, la herramiente flexible
             Francisco Beneyto - TOLSA, Spain

7B-4    Rehabilitación con tubos no circulares de PRFV
             Josep Abueso - AMIANTIT, Spain

11:00 - Morning Coffee Break in Exhibition Hall

11:45 - Session 8A
Trenchless en España (Spanish language)
Moderator: Fernando Morcillo, Spain

11:45 - Session 8B
Trenchless en España (Spanish language)
Moderator: Gonzalo Rodríguez, Spain

8A-1     Inspección de Tuberías en la Ciudad
              José Luis Sánchez - TECSAN,
              Spain y Portugal

8A-2     Selección de sistema de ejecución de
              obras de canalización. “Una App para
              evaluación de costes”
              Jorge Sánchez - EMUASA, Spain

8A-3     Proyecto Singular Emisario Submarino
              Roberto Amigo - MECANOTUBO, Spain

8A-4     Uniones y conexiones en tuberías de PE para
              aplicaciones sin apertura de zanja
              Carlos González y Mónica de la Cruz -
              ASETUB, Spain

8B-1   Herramienta polivalente para la seguridad total
            Thomas García - LIFTPLAQ, France y Spain

8B-2   Re-lining de tuberías enterradas
            Mariano González - AGRUQUERO, Spain

8B-3   METRESA. Modelo de gestión y herramientas de
            comparación entre diferentes soluciones de
            renovación de tuberías
            Andrés Álvarez de Miguel - AQUALOGY, Spain

8B-4   Uso de fluidos, polímeros y aditivos en obras
            de perforación horizontal dirigida
            Marta Muro - CETCO, Spain y Portugal

13:15 - Lunch and Exhibition Visit

15:00 - Exhibition Close



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