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Stand: C18

AAB Limpiezas Madrileñas S.L. ( GRUPO AAB )

En el año 2001, AAB Limpiezas Madrileñas se convirtió en la primera empresa de su sector certificada con la norma ISO 9001, y el pasado mes de julio de 2.012, amplió la Certificación incluyendo las Nuevas Tecnologías (Obras de Pocería, Limpieza de Alcantarillado, Mantenimiento de alcantarillado, Desatrancos, Limpieza y Vaciado de Pozos Negros y Fosas Sépticas, Inspeccion

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Stand: E5


ACRO GROUP is a spanish corporate founded in 1990, specialized in the cleaning, maintenance and rehabilitation of sewer.

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Stand: B10

AGRU KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK GMBH Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a major, international manufacturer of innovative plastic products such as piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protective liners and geomembranes.
The know-how of the Austrian manufacturer is reflected above all in pipeline and equipment manufacturing, and in environmental technology, where we also guarantee maximum safety and satisfaction. As a m

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Stand: J8

AKKERMAN Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

For over forty years, Akkerman has developed, manufactured and supported quality pipe jacking and tunneling equipment that accurately installs a variety of underground infrastructure. We help contractors explore project solutions for an extensive range of geology and pipe lengths up to 14-feet (4m) in diameter. Trust Akkerman, as your partner every step of the way.

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Stand: E2


The American Augers line of underground construction equipment consists of: Auger Boring Machines, Maxi-Rig & Mid-Size Directional Drills, Mud Pump & Cleaning Systems and Tooling & Accessories.
The products are manufactured at the company’s 241,000 square-foot facility in West Salem, Ohio, in the heart of Amish country between Columbus and Cleveland. Since the founding of American Augers

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Stand: A12


Amiantit is a Saudi Arabian company and started its activities in 1968. The group´s core business activities comprise the manufacture and sale of pipe systems and storage tanks, ownership and sale of pipe technologies and the provision of water management consultancy and engineering services.

Today Amiantit markets a wider range of pipe products than any other pipe manufacturer an

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Stand: D4


AOC is the global leader in cured-in-place pipe resins. AOC pioneered CIPP resins in the 1970s and continues to develop new technologies to meet the industry's expanding needs. With a complete product line and global locations, AOC offers the industry's best product selection, quality and technical support. Visit AOC-Resins.com.

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Stand: H2


Applied Felts are the international leader in supplying liners for successful CIPP installations around the world. Our extensive history and experience give our customers peace of mind knowing they can rely on us for training and support, and get the best custom liners to fit their unique needs.

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Stand: E9

AST Grupo Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Empresa especialista en rehabilitación interior de tuberías a presión o por gravedad.
Experiencia con resina epoxy para impregnación in situ.

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Stand: H3

BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG

BKP is a worldwide system provider for UV-light cured CIPP (cured in place pipes) made of GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) for trenchless rehabilitation of pipes.
The chemical resistant GRP-liners are available in diameters ranging from DN 150 [6 inch] to DN 1.500 mm [60 inch].

BKP es un proveedor internacional de mangas curadas con luz Ultra Violeta (UV), CIPP (cured in

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Stand: G6

Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG

The Brandenburger Group has been a globally leading producer of high-tech materials used in a diverse array of industries for now 75 years. Based on this experience, the Brandenburger Liner developed its seamless, light-curing GFRP pipe liner for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater sewers and canals at the beginning of the 1990s. Until this day, the method quickly developed into a solution

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Stand: A2


Catalana de Perforacions SA has been researching and developing the most pioneering techniques within its industry as well as specialising in high-difficulty works till becoming a worldwide referent in terms of sustainable exploitation of water and natural resources.

Nowadays Catalana de Perforacions SA operates in the mining, oil&gas, agriculture, chemical and construction industr

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Stand: D14

DIGITAL CONTROL GMBH Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

DCI is the manufacturer of most widely used HDD locating system, supported by premier customer service and operation in every part of the globe.

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Stand: J2


Electro Scan represents the next generation in sewer and water leak detection. Breakthrough technology finds defects not found by closed-circuit television inspection (visual) or acoustic sensors (audio) technologies. Electro Scan is now being used pre- and post- rehabilitation to locate defects, estimate infiltration flow (l/s), and certify CIPP lining projects.

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Stand: A3

ENERECO Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Enereco provides since 25 years engineering and consulting services to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Our competences cover gathering systems, GOSP, export pipelines, refinery, storage and distribution. We have a wide experience in the design of pipeline trenchless solutions and we have patented a new system for trenchless removal.

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Stand: B5


Created in 1995, the firm EUROSIGN, implanted in CLAIRA the Pyrenees Orientals, is specialized in the product of identification with magnets medium.
Thanks to the interest for the magnet, the owner M GARCIA Thomas have the idea to develop a tool able to move a cover in cast iron whose weigh and the several conceptions make the manipulation very risky. Several firms of Pyrenees Oriental part

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Stand: F2


manufacturers of CIPP materials and systems for small and large DN pipes. Specialist liners, curing systems including steam. Producers of patch lining CIPP/top hat and wrap systems including world wide approved silicate resins and glass matt. Joint seals up to 4m pipe dn, Carbon fibre inversion drums. Introducing our new flexible glass fibre inversion liner. Full approved training

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Stand: D12

FORWARD Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

FORWARD GROUP is an international company designing and producing Horizontal Directional Drill Rigs, Multifunction Top Drive Drill Rigs, Coring Drill Rigs. Company provides high quality drilling equipment, full technical support and service, spare parts, tools and consumable materials, training and consulting services, international sales and dealership agencies.

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Stand: B6

GREEN PLUMBER, S.L. Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Convinced of the need for a sustainable balance between what is already built and new constructions, GREEN PLUMBER provides the technology that will enable you to renew, without works, any small-diameter deposit or pipe within a pressure system.
If your piping system shows any corrosion effects, lime scale buildup, or any other which provokes lack of pressure, reduced flow, dirty water, sma

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Stand: J6

GYPSUM STRUCTURAL INDIA PVT LTD Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Gypsum is a technologically driven EPC company. With core competency in providing trenchless services, Gypsum executes projects in Microtunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Pipe Bursting and Rehabilitation by GRP / CIPP linings.
The company specializes in manufacturing egg and special shaped profiles – the GCI GRP Structural Liner – with a length of up to 6 meter and a diamete

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Stand: F5


HammerHead, an Earth Tool Company of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA, manufactures a full line of pipe bursting, pipe ramming/HDD Assist, pneumatic boring equipment and HDD tooling and accessories. All of these products are recognized around the world for their advanced design, rugged construction, long-term durability, ease of use, and reliability. HammerHead offers worldwide sales, support, service

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Stand: C12

HARD METALS AUSTRALIA P/L Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Hard Metals is a manufacturer of dth tooling for the HDD market. products include pilot bits, drilling motors and hole openers. PDC is widely used in these tools making them some of the most advanced in the market.

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Stand: H5


Manhole frame regulation

Who doesn’t get annoyed about potholes on our roads? Often – and unfortunately only too regularly – it is actually sunken manhole frames that are jarring passing vehicles. When manhole covers have sunk really badly, that can even damage vehicles. Bicycles and motorcycles are particularly at risk. Yet there is no need for any of this! For decades now, HERMES

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Stand: G1


Herrenknecht is a technology
and market leader in the area of mechanized tunnelling
systems. As the only company worldwide,
delivers cutting-edge tunnel boring
machines for all ground conditions and in all diameters
– ranging from 0.10 to 19 meters. The Herrenknecht
product range includes tailor-made machines for
transport tunnel

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Stand: D8

HOBAS FRANCE Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

The HOBAS Group is present in more than 45 countries. HOBAS is a specialist in CC-GRP (Centrifugal Cast Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics) pipes production and sale. Centrifugal Cast allows our products to take advantage of specific mechanical properties. HOBAS pipes offer mechanical and corrosion resistance, as well as easy installation and a complete range. They can be used for urban sewerage, jac

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Stand: F12

IBAK HELMUT HUNGER GMBH & CO KG Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

IBAK (Robotics) products work in the dark, but the success is visible. Worldwide, operators use the innovative sewer inspection and cutter systems developped and produced by the market leader in Germany. When the company founder Helmut Hunger set up his business in 1945, it was his personal quest to develop perfectly functioning precision instruments. Even today, IBAK is passionate about meeting

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Stand: B2


IbSTT is the Iberian Society for Trenchless Technologies. IbSTT was formed in 1995 and today its membership comprises some 50 companies. It has an active Board and membership whose work to promote the use of trenchless technology has resulted in gaining significant respect and influence in the Iberian market.

IbSTT are delighted to be the hosts of International NoDig, 2014, here in

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Stand: A1


The IDS GeoRadar Division is headquartered in Pisa, Italy, since being founded in 1980. The division provides products and solutions for geophysical, civil engineering and security applications. Through a continuous committment to research & development, the IDS GeoRadar Division provides its customers with innovative products which expoit state-of-the-art technologies and novel solutions. Thanks

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Stand: G2


Equipment for Pipe Rehabilitation
Cutting and Rehab Robots
CIPP UV Curing Equipment

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Stand: C8


Insituform® Technologies Ibérica, S.A. in Spain, subsidiary of Aegion Corporation, is a world leader in no-dig technologies for gravity and pressure pipelines.
Insituform® cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) trenchless process, one of the world's most used technologies for rehabilitating pipelines, creates a new pipe-within-a pipe, restores a pipeline's structural integrity and returns it to like-n

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Stand: G2


In 25 years iPEK has developed itself into one of the leading global players covering a wide product range in the field of sophisticated high-quality pipeline inspection systems. Our team of 110 employees is committed to offer excellent service to satisfy our customers' needs and continues to enhance innovation and technology with passion and dedication. As a member of the IDEX group with company

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Stand: G5


MC-Bauchemie is one of the leading independent manufacturers of building chemical products in Europe. Its largest plant is situated in Bottrop, Germany, and is home to management, production, and R&D. Subsidiaries and sister companies with their own production sites are located across Europe and overseas.

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Stand: B13


Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC introduces new geopolymer technology. When you need structural rehabilitation, turn to GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar. Repair is more cost effective than replacement, and GeoSpray takes it a step further. Unlike other cementitious mortars and grouts, GeoSpray creates an integral nanopolymeric structure, resulting in improved performance and strength. GeoSpray can

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Stand: A14


The ISTT's 33rd annual International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition will be hosted by the Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology (TSITT ) and is to be held on 28-30 September 2015 at the WOW Convention Center in Istanbul, Turkey.
The ISTT International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition is a major forum which brings together engineers from all over the world. The progr

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Stand: H6

ORFEUS Project Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

The safe, cost effective and quick radar-guided HDD will be developed through the "ORFEUS - Operational Radar For Every drill string Under the Street" project which has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration.

ORFEUS is a full scale demonstration project. It aims at progressing the previously de

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Stand: J12


Established in 1994, PANATEC, S.L. is leader in the specialized distribution of measuring&testing solutions for the Environmental, Industrial and Defense markets. PANATEC, S.L., business is a part of a group of companies designing, manufacturing and supplying technology driven solutions worldwide. We operate in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) of internationally through a network of strate

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Stand: D18


Per Aarsleff A/S specialises in trenchless rehabilitation of underground pipes and pipe systems. Since the early 1980s, the company has been a world market leader. We develop, produce and install CIPP and GRP solutions as well as various types of PE pipe solutions.

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Stand: A18

PICOTE OY LTD Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Picote is an innovator and manufacturer of unique solutions for the trenchless rehabilitation of small diameter drains DN32-200. Our range of Millers power all of their tools for lateral cutting, pipe cutting, drain cleaning, remedial work and collapsed liner removal. Lateral cutters include the Twister and the award-winning Smart Cutter™.

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Stand: G9


The name of ProKASRO stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation. ProKASRO has developed tailor-made solutions to rehabilitate pipes and sewers. Robotic cutters, ‘top hat’ systems, resin injection and UV-Technology; ProKASRO is a full-range supplier for sewer rehabilitation. Manufacturing of the products takes place at our production facility based in Karlsruhe Germany.

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Stand: H11


RELINEEUROPE is a corporate group founded in 2009 with the purpose of establishing a systems supplier for companies in the pipe rehabilitation industry. “Creating high performance pipe rehabilitation technology” is the RELINEEUROPE’s motto. In 2013, Alphaliner renovated approx. 500.000 meters of sewers worldwide. RELINEEUROPE is offering the complete range of rehabilitation components from one so

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Stand: E7


Con más de 20 equipos propios distribuidos en nuestras sedes permanentes de España, Colombia y Perú, Restitubo apuesta desde 1999 por las Trenchless Technologies, siendo superespecialista en HDD, AUGER BORING Y PIPE BURSTING. Nuestra experiencia con más de 2.500 perforaciones realizadas y más de 300.000 m. instalados nos avalan. Restitubo, una apuesta segura.

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Stand: E1



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Stand: H9


For more than 50 years Schauenburg MAB develops, manufactures and supplies machinery for the classification and separation of solids.

The innovative MAB separation plants for tunneling and microtunnelling with throughput capacities up to 4.000 m³/h operate successfully for the regeneration of bentonite slurries. MAB plants have proved their effectiveness on numerous construction sit

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Stand: F1

SINZATEC - PRIMUS LINE Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Sinzatec is a Spanish Trenchless specialist contractor in the field of pipe renovation. From their first steps with Pipebursting, we have extended our portfolio to offer PE relining solutions, Close fit pipe reduction and in the last years, flexible pipe relining with Primus Line.

Primus Line is a trenchless technology for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines for different appli

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Stand: E12

SPR TEC EUROPE GMBH Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

As European subsidiary of the SEKISUI SPR Group,
SPR TEC provides a comprehensive portfolio for pipe rehabilitation.

With more than 25 years of experience in this field, we have the perfect solution for your requirements. Our experts provide systems, materials, equipment, know-how and technical support at the highest level.

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Stand: H7


pipe rehabilitation with spirally wound pipe lines.

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Stand: E8


Company dedicated to the pipe rehabilitation, cleaning and CCTV inspection. Exclusive partner for Spain and Portugal of the Japanese multinational SEKISUI SPR.

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Stand: B8


Tecnologías para Saneamiento, S.L. (TECSAN) is a company that belongs to Grupo Mejoras, which is specialized in technology applied to the water cycle.
Tecsan is a leader company in the supply of equipment and systems for:
- Cleaning and clearing pipeline and sewers
- Inspecting pipeline by CCTV and Optical S

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Stand: A8


Since 1914, The Toro Company has built its reputation on providing quality products and service to the professionals who create, maintain and preserve outdoor environments. Today, professionals and contractors around the world count on Toro products to stand up to the demands of heavy use, season after season. As a leading manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, precision irrigation solutions,

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Stand: B9

TOUPEIRA VERDE LDA. Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Portuguese company, specialized in HDD, and other trenchless technologies, working mainly in Portugal and Spain, available to work in other countries.

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Stand: G4

TRACTO-TECHNIK GMBH & CO KG Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

The machine construction company TRACTO-TECHNIK based in Lennestadt-Saalhausen develops and builds machines for the underground installation and trenchless renewal of pipelines, like the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers, the GRUNDORAM steel pipe ramming machines, the GRUNDODRILL steerable boring systems and the GRUNDOBURST rigs for the renewal of existing sewer pipes. The customers of this stea

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Stand: D6

UIS (Utility Innovations Solutions Ltd) Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

UIS is a globally-recognised leading supplier of exceptional, tailor-made trenchless techniques for the utilities industry. Whether it’s replacing, rehabilitating or reinforcing pipe-work, we are specialists in the development of innovative techniques, with an ethos of creating practical solutions that save time, reduce costs, and increase safety and efficiency.

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Stand: C2


Vermeer is a manufacturer of agricultural, environmental and underground construction equipment. The company was established in 1948 in Pella, Iowa, USA. Vermeer products are supported by a worldwide independent authorized dealer network providing sales, service and parts.

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Stand: D2

WAVIN Select this box if you added a YouTube video above

Wavin provides effective solutions for essential needs of daily life: safe distribution of drinking water; sustainable management of rainwater and waste water; energy-efficient heating and cooling for buildings.

The Wavin Group headquarters are located in Zwolle, the Netherlands. We have a direct presence in over 25 countries with 30+ manufacturing sites, mostly in Europe. Outside E

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Stand: 123


Westrade Group is an independent event management company, widely recognised for delivering Exhibitions and Conferences to the highest professional standard.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, many in niche markets, where we have strong global links and a reputation for delivering high quality events both in the UK and overseas.

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Stand: C15


Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing rods and tools with premium class quality for horizontal directional drilling. We have built a team who masters good skills of manufacturing HDD tools and equipments. We endeavor to satisfy all our customers' requirements.

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